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Examinations 2020-2021

Ofqual, together with the Department for Education, has announced further information about the arrangements for awarding grades this summer.  As you are aware, the plans for Summer Grading 2021 are different to previous years.  The accurate, objective and fair assessment of our students is a top priority.

What evidence will be considered and how will evidence be considered fairly?

Teachers will assess the standard at which students are performing based only on what they have been taught to determine their grade. They will not do this in isolation, but in collaboration with other experienced teachers and subject leaders.  Teachers will use their experience and professional judgement and consider the evidence without bias or prejudice.  To be clear, none of the grades we submit to the exam boards will be based on one individual teacher’s judgement alone.  Teachers’ judgements will be based on a range of evidence, gathered throughout the course, relating to the delivered subject content, either in the classroom or via remote learning.  This will include work already completed, homework or in-class assessments.

The specific evidence being used to generate grades for each subject is available here: Evidence for students

How will grades be checked?

We always undertake moderation and standardisation whenever we mark assessments or NEA (coursework).   In addition, there will be two rigorous levels of Quality Assurance (QA)

  • internal - within our organisation (i.e. within the school and across the Trust)
  • external - by the exam boards

Have access arrangements been in place?

JCQ states that: “Every effort must be made to ensure that students’ approved access arrangements and/or reasonable adjustments are put in place for any assessments used to determine teacher assessed grades. ” It goes on to state that: “If the access arrangement/reasonable adjustment was not in place, the teacher must record the reason for this and be able demonstrate that this was taken this into account when making their final judgement."

For each student with approved access arrangements, we have logged how this has been facilitated and taken into account on an individual basis.

How will you take into account any special considerations?

According to JCQ: “The usual process of centres submitting special consideration applications to awarding organisations for qualifications will not apply this summer.  As the range of evidence is flexible and can be tailored to an individual student according to coverage of the specification, then instances of special consideration should be limited.  Centres should be able to select work completed by a student where they were unaffected by adverse circumstances.  Where this is not possible and a temporary illness, a temporary injury or some other event outside of the student’s control may have affected their performance in assessments which will be used to determine a grade, teachers should take this into account and document how they have done so.  Special consideration cannot be applied due to lost teaching and learning.  This can be addressed through the flexibility of the range of evidence centres may use to determine students’ grades.  Students should only be assessed on the content of the specification covered.  Centres must be satisfied that the issue or event has had, or is reasonably likely to have had, a material effect on a student’s ability to demonstrate his or her normal level of attainment in an assessment.”

Students must raise any mitigating circumstances which warrant special consideration.  It is important that students raise these issues as soon as possible, ideally at the time of the assessment and prior to the submission of the teacher assessed grade.  If you would like to raise any mitigating circumstances, please complete this form:

When will students receive their results?

GCSE results day is on Thursday 12th August 2021.  More information will be sent out in the coming weeks about how students can access their results.

What if my child isn’t happy with their results?

Our school results will be quality assured externally by the exam boards, which may include random sampling of our school’s evidence.  If the exam boards are confident in our submitted results, then the exam boards will award students their final grades.  If students do not think their results are accurate, they will have the right to appeal.  However, it is important to understand that appeals can result in grades going up, down or staying the same.  More information on Appeals can be found here. 

Should you have any questions in relation to the Summer Grading process, please contact Katy Fitzpatrick


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