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Disadvantaged and Pupil Premium Information

Please click to view TKC Disadvantaged & Pupil Premium Strategy 2022-2023

At TKC, it is an absolute priority to minimise the impact that potential socio-economic disadvantage can have on the wellbeing, progress and prospects of our students.

Potentially ‘disadvantaged’ members of our school community include, but are not limited to, those who currently receive the Pupil Premium (PP) funding as issued to schools.

We believe it is particularly important now, given the difficulties many of us have faced in recent years, that we recognise that lots of families find themselves in challenging contexts, and we have a responsibility to implement a variety of ‘disadvantaged’ strategies which support the full range of students who could benefit from them, and to make sure our support for disadvantaged students is such that that no students miss out on the support they need- pastorally or academically. Generally, this is a policy about ensuring equity for all in their education at TKC.

Our faculties take responsibility for identifying potential academic and practical challenges/barriers within their disciplines and, as a team, we take necessary actions to facilitate our students in overcoming them. We prioritise the provisions for expert literacy teaching across the school. This focus on teaching- particularly in the use of reciprocal reading as an introduction to disciplinary literacy- and metacognition is endorsed by the Education Endowment Foundation as some of the most effective for supporting student progress.

In taking this approach, we do hope to particularly secure the progress of our students receiving the Pupil Premium funding- as this is a measure by which the success of our disadvantaged strategy will be judged externally, but we hope to have a far broader measurable positive impact on our whole school community right now, and for future generations of our families in Stanwell, Ashford and the surrounding area.

We want to make sure that we genuinely ‘bring out the best’ in our community for decades and generations to come, by educating people whose aspirations and ambitions once they leave us, will be a force for fighting against socio-economic disadvantage in their futures.