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Work Experience & Big Interview

At Thomas Knyvett College, we understand the importance and value of work experience as outlined below.  As part of our continued commitment to Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance here at TKC, we invite all of our Year 10 students to participate in our annual summer work experience programme (10-14 July 2023).

 Work Experience is:

  • An organised educational activity that forms part of a student’s work-related learning
  • Students go to work for an employer for a week
  • Students carry out a variety of tasks and activities much as an employee would
  • An unpaid activity

 The benefits of Work Experience are:

  • Develop responsibility and resilience
  • Gain new skills (specific to a sector as well as general employability skills)
  • Interact with people outside of your social circle and learn about work place etiquette
  • Develop an understanding of whether or not a career is right for the young person
  • Supports applications for colleges, universities, apprenticeships and careers
  • Having a clear goal and aspirations helps students to achieve at school

Students at Thomas Knyvett College are expected to organise their own placements, every placement will be expected to provide evidence of public liability and employer’s liability insurance.  For more information about work experience please visit: 

Please forward the link below in blue to the named contact agreed for the employer, for them to complete their employer information and submit it online to us.

Employer Agreement Form:

Parent/Carer Consent Form:

 The Big Interview

In addition to work experience Year 10 will also be taking part in the big interview. Students will have an interview with a carefully selected employer who will give them 1 to 1 feedback on their interview skills as well as feedback on student’s CVs, students will need to have a CV for this. Thomas Knyvett College are supporting students with producing their CVs in school, however, the more they can do independently will prepare them for the world of work.  Please find further information on what is a CV, as well as a CV template and CV cover letter .